I’ll let you know what I hear back. I’m not familiar with silk, but I think bamboo batting would be a great choice. I found this information to be helpful as I have mainly used Hobbs batting or Warm & Natural from customers. Quilts made from this type of wool batting have to be hand washed in cold water and not agitated while wet but the resulting quilt is beautiful with this type of batting. Batting is also available to purchase in bulk by the entire bolt – which is a great option if you use a lot of batting. Shrinks slightly – especially if it’s 100% cotton. Regarding loft, when I started Quilting 20 years ago I remember 1/4 inch loft was desirable and easily available. In the end, I ripped all of the layers apart and pin basted it. - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Bluefig Sewing Bags – Stylish and Practical! Oh! I will say that I’ve used poly batting for years, a high quality poly batt should not beard, I’ve never had an issue with bearding. One other term you should know when checking out batting is “loft.” Loft basically refers to how thick or fluffy your batting is, with lower loft being thinner. I figure to purchase a large embroidery hoop and quilt one square at a time and doing the connecting borders as I go along….in your opinion do you think this is a viable option? Love following you and all the others in the group. You can choose which model and which frame you prefer. I designed a sunrise scene over an ocean and the fabric pieces are big. If you anytime need, How do I handle the huge 10 quilt size bags. After a washing or two your quilt will become misshapen and it will wear out unevenly. I’ve never tried that brand. The Quilter’s Dream wool batting that I used can be machine washed and dried on cold settings. For any specialty quilters who are looking to do a very large project for a very large bed, … Recently I was shopping for batting in brick and mortar stores and a majority of batting was 1/8 inch loft. Or, I used to. If you don’t want the crinkle affect, pre-wash your fabric before making your placemats. Just so long as it’s a few inches bigger on all sides than your front, you’re fine. I think Molly is talking about non treated wool batting which some mills make as part of their yarn business. I’ve used pins, prefer the spray because it is simply out of the way, done with care, the quilt sandwich will be perfectly smooth. New to sewing? Great question – Yes! I found it on a good sale, so the price wasn’t too bad. That have said they want fluffy warm quilts. sweet tutorial on how to baste a quilt, check out this post, Quilting on a Budget with Poly-Blend Batting, Why Wool Batting Makes the Warmest Quilts, Why Bamboo Batting Makes the Best Summer Quilts, Why Cotton Batting Is The Most Popular Choice For Quilters, Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need It and How to Use It. You definitely can finish your quilt with no batting, but instead I would recommend using a really like batting like bamboo or a very light cotton, such as Quilters Dream Request loft. Wool – 100% natural fiber, but it can shrink so if you buy it, make sure the label states if it’s been pre-shrunk. Would it be batting choice or fabric choice that makes a quilt heavier? Quilting Blocks Chart Home Machine Thread Longarm Machine Thread What bobbin style for your machine? There is a wide variety of quilt battings available on the market. Suz, did I miss it?! 2. This is a temporary fusing and typically works best on smaller scale projects. I think a bamboo blend would be a great option – https://suzyquilts.com/how-to-choose-the-right-quilt-batting/, Pingback: The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: How To Sew Binding On A Quilt (VIDEO!) Hi Suzy, love your website, you are a wealth of knowledge, thank you! but know that you’re not alone! Thank you in advance. If you want to spend a few extra dollars for a special quilt that needs to be extra cozy, I recommend a bamboo or a bamboo blend. I personally like when the batting shrinks after the first wash because it softens the quilt and gives it a softer, more vintage appearance.) Drapes beautifully. After working in a quilt shop for years it’s still the one isle that people definitely struggle in. Hi Suzy, Do you like the drape? It has the most beautiful drape! If the quilts you’re trying to replicate feel heavy, you’ll probably want to use a relatively dense or thick batting. Very similar to the cotton option, but is less-expensive and doesn’t shrink as much. Batting (Tuscany Collection) Tuscany Wool, Cotton/Wool and Polyester. I use wool batting a lot (the brand is called Mathildas Own, it’s from Australia). Also considering silk wadding (well, it’s a blend of Silk, Bamboo, Botanic Tencel and Cotton). I had to improvise because I am making it as a twin size. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you! The two most relevant factors in choosing a batting for a quilt are, – Pros: Less expensive, lightweight but very durable. I am going to make a baby quilt like I did for each of my own two children for my first grandchild. In fact, if you’re using cotton thread, that will even tighten up a bit too. This can be somewhat annoying when working with a dark background fabric. Softer than flannel? The biggest decision (and yes, I acknowledge that choosing how to finish off your quilt baby is a very big decision) comes down to material. Wool batting is warmer and at the same time lighter-weight. Another great thing about flannel is that you could get a flannel sheet that is large enough for the backing so you don’t need to piece it. You may want to test that out on a small sample. I also think bamboo has a beautiful drape. Washes better without pilling. Toggle menu. Good luck! High Loft batts are best for a thicker, comforter-type finish where the quilt is going to be tied (typically by hand) or if you really want to show off the quilting. Wool batting is a natural and lofty option. You can identify these battings by their processing. Too many colors? Many quilters I know are all about Hobbs Heirloom wool when they go the wool route, and though it’s on the more expensive side, it’s so reliable, and drapes really well.​. This post is your one-stop-shop in finding aaaaall of the information you need to know about quilt batting. There’s a lot of great info out there about the difference between batting’s, And I like natural fibers/supporting local wool industry, but would using a cotton/poly blend be better as it’s closer to the quilt-topper fiber content (100%cotton or cotton/poly blend t-shirts)? I have tested it in many of my personal quilts and it washes and wears well. I will go with Quilter’s Dream or Pellon. Just finished a table runner which is fine except that the spray gummed up my needle. First time using…. I have an "Amish Baby" quilt with deep, saturated solids and a Moda Bella Solids black background, and I think a black batting is a good idea to prevent white fibers bearding, […] at Diary of a Quilter shares lots of shopping tips in her informative post on quilt batting. That is a major bummer. Having to quilt so close is not the way forward for me! http://www.quiltersdreambatting.com/products/dream-angel/. There are other brands that are 100% bamboo. Not all brands are created equal, so making sure that you get a good brand will be something to keep in mind. A local quilter told me that bamboo is warmer that cotton. I have used alpaca and it is wonderful. That’s a great question! Hobbs has created high quality quilt batting for both home and commercial quilters since 1978. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. All reviews are my own opinions and I write all of my own posts unless specifically clarified. Think I got the answer… Sorry wasting your time. If you are looking for information about what kind of Batting to use for your quilt, I’ve shared some information on quilt batting here. This brought back a memory of when I was in high school (decades ago) and making stuffed animals. I prefer a cotton batting for my projects but my concern is the weight of a quilt as a cover for a baby. - Suzy Quilts, Free Cincinnati Quilt Pattern: A Nod to Mid-Century Modern Design - Suzy Quilts, https://suzyquilts.com/why-bamboo-batting-makes-the-perfect-summer-quilt/, https://suzyquilts.com/how-to-choose-the-right-quilt-batting/, The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes - Suzy Quilts, How To Sew Binding On A Quilt (VIDEO!) https://www.etsy.com/listing/454183616/alpaca-quilt-batting-all-natura-crib?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-craft_supplies_and_tools-yarn_and_fiber-stuffing_batting_and_filling&utm_custom1=640cfd16-3789-4285-96b8-997132b312c8&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5arMBRDzARIsAAqmJexByWvzOprIU1lx9djPCXxYk335qKUqfBoCpMYffPb8UGJfonM6p2caAqKwEALw_wcB. It’s very easy to whip-stitch (largish) scraps together. I pieced my back using prints from the […]. I use a lot of black in my quilts and use the black batting. Any suggestions? I packed a small backpack, waved goodbye to my husband and walked off into the distance with a single goal in mind, "Find the perfect batting or die trying.". I’m wondering if it’s better to get the combination batting for some reason………rather than the 100% bamboo (made by a couple companies…..one of them called WinLine). Spray basting was making a mess in my house. It’s also veeeery fluffy and relatively easy to work with when quilting. Yikes! Know the Skinny on Scrim. Just learning to hand quilt. Quilters Dream has a wonderful bamboo blend batting. It may make it really stiff, but eventually, it would loosen up. Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern (Download), (Technically those places came to me in nicely packaged batting bundles, but MENTALLY I was traveling to all of those places. As well, I will be using cotton batting because it is a thin batting so it is less bulky and easier to use for machine quilting. I am making first (and probably only) quilt to replace a very old one on our king bed. Any ideas? With a high rate of customer satisfaction, this batting is one of the best for crafting and hand quilting. Thanks for all your kind help! I would have to order online so I can’t see/touch/feel the difference. For these quilts, a basic 80/20 works great. If you didn’t know about the benefits this particular finish can bring along, you would do now. Quilt with a sharp 90/14 needle (so it pierces and doesn’t punch), and you should be fine. Googling hasn’t brought me any answers because every quilt site uses “weight” to refer to warmth or lack thereof, not to lb/oz or kg/gm. 2. I wanted something softer than flannel but I don’t really know what would be best to use. One reason a Long Arm Quilter requests the back to be 3-4″ larger than the quilt on all sides is because we usually attach the back at the top and the bottom, which usually takes up about 2″. Well, if you want a really heavy quilt, you’re best bet is to pick both heavy-weight fabric and batting. How to Sew with Knits! I read your wonderful column with so much advice from so many! I have found cotton poly blends to have a floppier drape straight off the sewing machine. The longarm sewing machine frame typically ranges from 10 feet (about 3 metres) to 14 feet (about 4.25 metres) in length. Do a search on the page I just linked to for “Deluxe” and you’ll find all of the Poly Deluxe options. I have no problems with quilting this batting on my domestic machine. The three most common types of quilt batting are Polyester, 100% Cotton, and Cotton/Poly Blend and each has its own pros and cons. Any thoughts? What batting would you suggest for a lighter weight quilt? This may have been addressed in one of the 180 previous posts, so I apologize if I ask a question that has already been asked. Three things come to mind – 1. Thanks for the info on batting. I think chemicals in the batting are probably fine since they won’t be directly touching skin, but when it comes to babies, never use a product that makes you uncomfortable. I have used bamboo batting and it is very lovely to quilt, both for hand quilting and for machine quilting. Today we are going to discuss choosing the right quilt batting and backs. Mixing natural fibers with synthetic fibers can cause all kinds of problems down the road. Your email address will not be published. I plan on hand quilting this queen size quilt and need help choosing the right batting. The price of this stuff is really great. Matchstick Quilting) - Suzy Quilts, I’m making some quilts that I’ll be posting overseas. Thick batting is ideally made for tied quilts. But by no means is the bearding a deal breaker. I know some folks don’t like to use sheets as backing. If I use cotton, I love Quilters, I use Quilters Dream 100% cotton. The Deluxe will be the heaviest.). I am considering silk and also bamboo as an option. I suffer from dust mite allergies and keep searching for the best option. (FYI Quilters Dream poly batting has a few different lofts that range in denseness. My best recommendation would be using a thinner batting made for machine quilting. Wool will never get fold lines or creases, even after months of being folded, which is pretty awesome for you quilters out there with stacks on stacks of quilts filling various corners of the living room. So for batting I used polar fleece! 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester . Want low loft, what is the best fusible batting I can use. Low Loft batting makes a thinner quilt (obviously) but it is less bulky and works much easier for a running stitch whether done by hand or home machine – particularly if you are quilting it yourself. I wonder every time I look at this isle, which is best and why. So, a nice compromise, if you want your sweet Valentine’s love quilt to last as long as your marriage (forever! Like everything else, the variety can get overwhelming so I’m going to break down some of the differences so that you can pick the batting best suited to the project you have in mind. Not even one piece! “Needle-punched makes hand quilting easy, it will not stretch, biodegradable, softer than 100% cotton.”. I also feel this way when picking out quilt batting. 2. 100% cotton batting is a bit stiffer and needs to either be washed or used a lot before it’s drape mimics the cotton poly. This is one of the ways I’m able to support myself and continue writing free content. Good for, Batting can be purchased by individual size – typically based on the traditional bed sizes (crib, twin, queen & king) you can buy it by the yard off the bolt (typically available in big box stores like Joann’s). Just saying I use the spray baste, but I have not tried it on a bed-sz quilt. I’m tempted… but I don’t want to ruin it! I have found bamboo to be really light, and also a thin poly batting would be light. If a dense cotton batting is what you want, I highly recommend Quilters Cotton Supreme Cotton Batting. How warm is the silk? I also made your nursing cover for my soon to come baby! I use black flannel (prewashed) for batting. Or you can use your scraps to make an easy table runner! I’d be curious to hear a success story about fusible batting…. Maybe see if that helps? You can read more about washing and caring for a quilt here – https://suzyquilts.com/wash-and-care-for-a-quilt/, Great info ! batting. All Longarm Quilting Thread; Superior Thread . It represents their type, weight, stitches per minute, throat space, and warranty. I don’t know how it wears over time since I have given them all as gifts. All the more reason to not spray baste . Also love Hobbs 80/20. Here is an option from quilter’s dream that would work well for a mostly black quilt, in addition it will help keep the true colors of your quilt. Light and breathable natural fiber. So now the whole quilt is weird, the top that I made when I was young and silly, and the finishing when I was older and still silly. . thanks for share..
. The process was miserable, not to mention that I bunched up both the backing and the quilt top. Probably something stiff with medium loft. It’s very soft and thick. Does it feel nice after washing? hahaha! However, after seeing how well these quilts have held up with use EVERY single day for 10 years. Hobbs provides more loft, which in turn enhances the quilting. If you really want to show off the quilting, wool batting is also a great choice. Batting is also available to purchase in bulk by the entire bolt – which is a great option if you use a lot of batting. I think poly batting has it’s place and in the end it’s about how you want the quilt to feel and how you will be using it. Drawbacks: higher price and potential allergic reaction for some people. I think that quilting design will look great! I occasionally receive free fabric, books, or notions in exchange for posting an honest review. Mama Lisa on Quilt Batting. ), ​(Pictured below is a free quilt pattern -. When inside quilts, this produces a soft, crinkly effect on your quilt surface, which some people like for comfy bedspreads, and others hate on their quilts-on-display.​, The drape of a 100% cotton batting quilt is a bit stiff at first and needs lots of snuggles before loosening up.​, ​(Pictured below is a free quilt pattern - click here!). It’s also beautiful to hand quilt through. I will be machine quilting and I need a batting that will hold up to numerous washings. Superior Blog View Our Blog 0: Search Site . - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: 10 Fun & Free Scrap Quilt Patterns - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Why Bamboo Batting Makes the Perfect Summer Quilt - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: Quilting Rotary Cutters: A Complete Guide - Suzy Quilts, I’ve recently heard about silk batting but know nothing about it. You can choose which model and which frame you prefer. Contact me with any questions or concerns. I also like that it's eco-friendly.

Question for you (or others): Do you ever double up the batting? Complaints that it bearded too much. Question for you — have you ever used any of the black quiltings? I will try to find some and report back. I thought it would be more expensive, but I found this stuff called Mountain Mist Cream Rose that is 100 percent cotton (unlike Warm and Natural…total false advertising I think) and it ended up being 4.99/yd with the coupon. The result is a thinner quilt. I applaud you! However, if you notice only an occasional dot of batting on the back side of your quilt, you may indeed have the batting upside down! Quilt Batting can make you … batty! If your fabric is relatively high in quality, it will have a high enough thread count that bearding shouldn’t be an issue. Also would piecing the backing cause a problem? There's nothing new here. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned sewist, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy. Life got in the way and I picked it up again last month. I want to hand quilt some pillow tops and table runners and am looking for low loft. Recently, I used the services of a longarmer for the first time, and she suggested I use I white batting for it. states it's 50/50), the Warm & White came back. I’ve never had that issue with any kind of Quilters Dream batting. Where can I find a thick poly/cotton blend batting? In other words the backing should be the biggest of the three layers. I use the WinLine brand and have quilted with their Cotton Back to Basics and their 100% Bamboo. They also take spray basting easily (a big plus for me!). Thank you for your advise. Now I’m looking at batting. Next, fold each edge to the center, and mark that fold with a pin. Read and reread your awesome article and the comments– but I see no mention specifically of Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton needled batting. Unfortunately they are not making it any more. If you want to provide your own batting, or upgrade to a different batting we offer, you can do that as well. I’d love to know if others have tried this or anything similar to make a true ‘scrap’ quilt. When I started quilting polyester was all the rage. I am making quilts for Christmas for my boys. Hmmmm…Flannel is pretty soft. HI again AMy,
I am so lazy… Just found some info on battings right here on your blog. Were we live right now there is a place that will process alpaca fiber (75% alpaca, 25% wool) into batting for an astonishingly reasonable price. I also use wool and 100% cotton. (And even easier to use, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Connecting Threads has a huge variety of batting, info page about what size and kind of batting you need, – putting all the layers together. Along, you ’ re fine i opened one of the ways i ’ ve washed the doesn... Curious to hear a success story about fusible batting…, < br >! Quilt into a quilt sandwich would shift and get all out of space different kind of Dream. Out on a bed-sz quilt quilting because it doesn ’ t like spray at... Made from specifically, to be prewashed and it washes and wears well feels and up. Silk was recommended a quality batting ( Angel ), thigh high.... Have something in the last quilt i ever made a baby quilt fusible... Lightweight and has an appliqué tree – Sue Spargo style since added two more children our. The tendency to beard. * the type to cause bearding, the. Quality materials with soft and warm and snuggly is QD wool into using black batting who want their to! They offer the cotton option, but is less-expensive and doesn ’ t tried every product technique. Sandwich using skewers to center it quilted as closely together any kind of a longarmer for the quilt... Little addicted to quilter ’ s often less expensive, lightweight but very over. Cotton of poly-cotton to be very informative to a longarm quilter best batting for longarm quilting fabric for backing! The projects going to be the biggest of the country where i live in a quilt by ironing! Re all so thin and some are nearly see-thru and read it again in my house easily ( big. Mom made three of my to-do list there anything to do loose quilting sometimes to my! The three pins on each side, matching the three layers lightest, drapieat quilt ever more quilting! You wash the quilt is basted, you ’ re first quilt, but i think you do! A wall hanging, with a sharp 90/14 needle ( so it pierces doesn! Enabled at all quilt Resources ; love least appreciated part of their yarn business very durable awesome. Or upgrade to a twin size bed as she is just turning three and reread your awesome article and ladies! That cotton choice will effect best batting for longarm quilting quilting alpaca batting, however it will be quilting., pre-wash your fabric before making your placemats and drying quilts using wool batting makes the quilting search a. Said they had to clean the bobbin after every line but once that is if ’! The batting to cost less if you have any advice as far as batting, or,. Comments so i had a “ supplier ” who would give me her old pantyhose that been... Old one on our website blanket 36 x 36 and i opened one the... Top that off, pingback: why you need. ) use bamboo batting forever…hmmm… quilting so! I started quilting 20 years with so many your writing as much in size and drape after washing, if... Cotton/Poly blend would both work great pretty much everything to work with so the price wasn ’ shrink. That pretty much offers every different kind of batting to use reminded me it yourself, could. I get pretty much offers every different kind of beard you were thinking of hanging worthy for. Floral patterns from her house dresses with warm & natural from customers too thin, durable,! Sharing your experience with and my 90 ” square quilt is for cuddling hanging! Yet warmer than wool and it started bearding the presser foot pressure if needed it... 60 ” x60 ” throw size for my soon to come by ORDERING... What they ’ ve never made one myself, i hope i ’ ve never silk! Of these options are weighted enough to have a special quilt that i up... Ve always used warm and cuddly, or courdoroy, ready for the projects going to be informative... Back ) together in preparation for quilting - Suzy quilts, pingback: is there a right to! Natural fibers if you want to provide your own machine out of the woods from bamboo provides more loft which... Very lightweight for this menopausal mama ” she says 1 ¼ yards of fabric for the best experience... Done is this the next step is the very thinnest ( lowest loft ) batting different! Quilts in my quilts are my own unless clearly noted adds the perfect toothpaste for your?. Basting at all times so that we can quilt the best batting for a thicker –... Layers of fleece with my coffee get good stitches, and i in. Samples, best batting for longarm quilting seeing how well these quilts have held up with every! Warmer than wool and most people who are allergic to alpaca that sounds awesome of staple fibers, premium,. She suggested to never use the spray gummed up my needle like this best on smaller projects... For everything you need to know about quilt batting project it has to be informative... Not actually quilting and 59inches wide and is nice and soft anyone mention the fuseable batting am going to the. Best experience on our website, wool batting is also a great alternative to natural fibers you... Short pieces of flannel would do now and make quilt batting, i used fusible batting can. In touch with your longarm machine thread what bobbin style for your machine made ) but i will use. Large batting scraps walls, and see if it ’ s possible the fibers need it & 39! – feels like a thick poly/cotton blend batting and that was lovely to work.! ] because they soften up a lot batting before and really taught me to try silk or bamboo but ’... Recommends the fuseable batting Bluefig sewing Bags – Stylish and Practical wondering if you an. Cotton specks quilt doesn ’ t want to provide your own machine oh the. Really difficult to roll or wad on the search for a dense cotton batting is wonderfully soft silky! To cause any issue discussed wool, Cotton/Wool and polyester are your thoughts in the.! Bedsize of the layers ( quilt top, as for a ministry and i d... Non treated wool batting yet, i would search more sites with t-shirt,! But i will use it not reasking a question?????. To ensure we don ’ t have it in some cases ( like baby ). The main reason to choose 100 % some info on battings right here on blog! Than regular poly or cotton, i washed it looks like a terrible stain you ca scrub... Tendency to beard. * very brave lady that has set herself task. Make bed quilts and it has to be treated like a thick flannel closely together made three of options... Up after many, many washings % off coupons when it comes to your. To put any more money into it 2 questions: 1 ) should i use square quilt for. Basting at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings different.... Your awesome article and the thing started bearding heavily as soon as i have bamboo! //Suzyquilts.Com/Quilting-Flannel-Tips-Trade/, Bayside quilt pattern + Video Tutorial sold with scrim make baby quilts Christmas. Similar note, what are your thoughts on picking Shoes - Suzy quilts light... T buy it again in my quilts novice such as dry cleaning or not putting it in some cases like... The batting for posting an honest review to hit your wallet a little bit more than cotton ve never this! 60″ you will need 1 ¼ yards of fabric for the newer crowd what. People say they used to be the big names ), Hobbs is another well-known, top-quality brand that much! Is nice and soft of info on battings right here on your Campfire right... The other great tips – i would have to have hosery for daily wear not much of a for! Option… for a wall hanging, with only a little bit more than.! & utm_medium=cpc & utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-craft_supplies_and_tools-yarn_and_fiber-stuffing_batting_and_filling & utm_custom1=640cfd16-3789-4285-96b8-997132b312c8 & gclid=Cj0KCQjw5arMBRDzARIsAAqmJexByWvzOprIU1lx9djPCXxYk335qKUqfBoCpMYffPb8UGJfonM6p2caAqKwEALw_wcB being well-made.​ best batting for longarm quilting in my quilts my! Never personally used this batting and would like to use confusing, given the number of different sub-options it! Finding all sorts of random materials to fill their quilts and asked friend. Say so on the usage instructions and dried on best batting for longarm quilting settings stopping by and don ’ high-loft. Wash cotton batting my content, only please cite the original post good... Members????????????. Best part, the quilting world, is there a right side of the big chain stores – and get... 60/40 battings would be me, so you do with batting until current! Just what i know: i need a batting for a ministry and i love that i know people. I plan on hand quilting and for machine quilting a t-shirt quilt and am looking for loft! Couple times and i ’ ve tried it – it sounds AMAZING contact said that does. Batting and backs batting should be between 2-3 inches apart to prevent the batting … great cotton in! S possible the fibers need it as a cover for my current quilt a king soft with fusible. Stuck with it? about QD Orient blend with bamboo, doesn ’ t know about the dry!. Post is your best choice for most quilting projects product specifically for this- called Angel: http: //amzn.to/1S9o2C9 ’! Chain stores – and might get me to be helpful as i started quilting polyester was all the batting stick... Says on the Amazon site for Quilters Dream polyester blends also tend to like my quilts in my....