So, if we end up seeing Cyclonic Rift banned, then we only have ourselves to blame. As of this writing, Rift was in 38,790 decks. The feeling after someone rifts isn't that they made a clever play - it's often more along the lines of "fuck that card". Pound for pound, Cyclonic Rift is the most powerful boardwipe in Commander. Travis is a Virginia-based player and writer, who has been turning things sideways since Starter 1999. Ban delve Dig dig through time Dimir Inverter mtg pioneer self mill turbo mill. The strongest color in the format is blue - possibly by a long shot. No. 今回紹介するオススメカードは《サイクロンの裂け目/Cyclonic Rift》です。 青を含むデッキには大体入っているんじゃないかと思 … このコーナーではEDHのオススメカードを、定番カードから、マイナーカードまで幅広く紹介していきます。 第1回 There are great arguments for Rift not being banned, and since it probably isn't going to be banned I think they are probably winning arguments. It's what makes them so good. Commander: Is it Time to Embrace Land Destruction. Ban Golos. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Sign up for the Hipsters Newsletter for weekly updates. If you look at haymaker spells like Expropriate, Torment of Hailfire, or Debt to the Deathless, they all share a similar thread: they are cast to end the game. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Fierce Guardianship and Counterspell are our hard counters, while Path to Exile , Krosan Grip , Beast Within , Force of Vigor , and Vandalblast act as our target removal package. If you've spent any time at all online in EDH circles, you've seen plenty of arguments against banning plenty of cards. Lots of cards affect opponents and not you, and lots of cards are "unfair". But what causes more calls for bans aren’t the game-winning Rifts, but the ones that don’t add anything to the game’s storyline. Cyclonic Rift leaves the caster untouched, while substantially setting back the other three players. Edit: don't ban Cyclonic Rift either. Blasphemous Act, Toxic Deluge, and Cyclonic Rift are our core wraths, letting us clear the board of issues so we can either rebuild or pressure our opponents. Narset, Parter of Veils. If an opponent has Darksteel Forge alongside Nevinyrral’s Disk, or Sterling Grove and Greater Auramancy, then Rift can get through both. Cards like Rebuild and Evacuation are good spells to play, but the distance in quality between them and Cyclonic Rift is a lot larger than that between Austere Command and, say, Cleansing Nova. It doesn't mean these respondents, The thing about a ban is that it affects everyone who plays in the format. I do my best to write interesting EDH-related content each and every week. An argument that Winter Orb is against the spirit of the format isn't a terrible one, but it's no Leovold. How we use this tool in gameplay will directly affect whether or not it sticks around. Asymmetry gives the caster the agency to choose when they want to cast it, instead of having the card dictate their play pattern. I can see the argument for getting rid of Sol Ring, but it isn't because the card is so hopelessly overpowered that when it shows up the game either ends or warps around it so badly that it's not good for the format. ... Cyclonic Rift is a card that has been hotly debated because it really is too good given its versatility and the fact that it’s an instant, which means it can be used at the end of an opponent’s turn to set up a madd blowout. I just haven't seen it. All games have to end at some point, whether we win or lose. Cards that cost a ton of mana should be able to close out games. Cyclonic Rift from Return to Ravnica for magic. I’m playing one copy of Cyclonic Rift in my main deck as a catch-all for all kinds of weird hate card scenarios. Stoneforge Mystic is off the ban list, though, and it’s a whole new world for the format-defining artificer. Cyclonic Rift is a one-sided boardwipe. It has been a mainstay of the format for years, and is either loved or hated by players that encounter it. Command your budget! Edit: don't ban Cyclonic Rift either. The debate on Cyclonic Rift’s place in the format has been heated for a long time. I don't see how Karakas could ever be unbanned in EDH but there's nothing about Cyclonic Rift that is uniquely unsuitable for our format. It doesn't mean these respondents actually want to ban any cards at all. Clearly, that's an ability that is just bonkers in a format where everyone builds their decks around a legendary creature. For the most part, board wipes in Commander are cast at sorcery speed. Why: One of the major reasons that upheaval is banned is because, as said below (or above depending on my comment rating) is because one can float mana, upheaval for 6 and then recast their board presence. Orb was also suggested three times and I can see why. It's annoying but Lab Man dies to doom blade, and lots of other instants as well. In our format, 7 mana may not seem like much but chances are good it's all you're going to do on the turn you cast it (which is why you cast it on an end step). It’s a safety valve on some of the permanent-based combos that are found in Commander, so long as it’s cast at the right time. Cyclonic Rift leaves you with your entire board intact and players still routinely fail to close out the game after a Rift sets everyone but them back to the stone age. A whopping nine responses called for Deadeye Navigator get the axe. I don't know and I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice but Rift is the sort of thing you can deal with. The cool thing about Rift is that it answers all of the Worships and creatures at the same time. infinite turn loop. The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. Cyclonic Rift dipped below $20 for a few hours last week, but it didn't stay down there for long. Blasphemous Act, Toxic Deluge, and Cyclonic Rift are our core wraths, letting us clear the board of issues so we can either rebuild or pressure our opponents. When you throw out all the cards that appeared 1x and 2x, and all cards that are clearly not serious answers (3 people suggested banning Island), we see the following cards as ones that people would ban if they had a gun to their head and had to pick something. Artificer on September 17, 2018: To be honest cyclonic rift is more back breaking than the cards listed here (besides sol ring). We don't swear on social media as a policy, so FORGET Cyclonic Rift. Cards that have potential in Pioneer include Cyclonic Rift, Chord of Calling, and Voice of Resurgence. Double Masters releases on August 7, 2020. This seems like the most obvious thing in the world. If I have Twilight Drover and a bunch of tokens, along with infinite/sufficient mana, can I work around Cyclonic Rift? Sure, they might just throw another counterspell in, but the basic idea is that encouraging deck variety is good for the format and auto-includes that are this powerful and iconic reduce the game to who can get their well-timed Rift off first. The best board wipe in Commander, Cyclonic Rift, is a deserving victim of Ashaya, as it only bounces nonland permanents. Do other players have a knee jerk reaction to that card, or does each league or playgroup have their own unique power cards that everyone is tired of and would like to see just go away? It might come as a surprise to you that my conclusion has to be that while Rift is overpowered, is the strongest EDH card in the strongest color and routinely drives non-blue players to distraction, it shouldn't be banned. Where’s the Cyclonic Rift ban? Companion is weird, against the philosophy of Captain, acting as a 101st card in a format based around 100 … Do I think it could be banned? My personal experience with it is that players do their best to "Top" responsibly - not wasting other players time or making turns take forever. It can be as common or as infrequent as we’d like, and how we choose to use it will make all the difference. Noxious Gearhulk, Bedevil, Chaos Warp, and Identity Thief are our single target removal spells. Maybe this card is so bad it should be banned but I've yet to see it (or Protean Hulk) end a game. While this is a bold statement, EDH is a social format where conversations with players are the ideal venue for sorting out issues around the balance of power within a playgroup. You can follow his exploits here on Twitter and Instagram. What if my experience is unique to my playgroup and the reality is that some other card or cards are really the most ban-worthy cards currently legal in the format. They require the deckbuilder to make choices based on their metagame, and beg questions like “Are there enough artifacts out to play this Vandalblast? Even though they get it back, they might not be able to replay it in the same turn. This site was created with. The fact that it clears away nonland permanents means anyone ramping with anything other than lands may be challenged to reestablish their board or respond to anything before they can rebuild. It's been a long week. The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. If you just cast Rift, you usually only win if you have lethal or a combo on board and your opponents don't have answers. I kid you not. You should run them more. I've gone from posting work that was so well received that some readers suggested it be sticky-posted on the /r/EDH page to a post that got me and my writing roundly mocked and denigrated. I want it wiped from the format. It isn't uniquely unsuitable to the format. Cyclonic Rift was getting such a negative reaction from the viewers of Commander Clash that we eventually house banned the card. Compared to something like plague wind , it's cheaper, harder to defend against, hits all permanent types instead of just creatures, instant speed instead of sorcery, and can't be used as a cheap answer when you need a cheap answer. Instead of developing one’s own board to catch up, destroying all of the others can be just as, if not more effective. Outside of Teferi’s Protection and Eerie Interlude , the other colors have few ways to truly combat a “mass bounce” effect like Rift. Cyclonic Rift The game doesn’t end immediately with the resolution of a Cyclonic Rift, but it usually seems that way.The card has been on innumerable “would ban” lists and for good reason. Ten words, 43 letters. 1x Cyclonic Rift 1x Enlightened Tutor 1x Generous Gift 1x Impulse 1x Mana Drain 1x Nature's Chant 1x Path to Exile 1x Pull from Tomorrow 1x Return to Dust 1x Sundering Growth 1x Swords to Plowshares 1x Banning it will keep blue as the strongest deck but will open up a slot that every blue player is currently using for Rift. Cyclonic Rift is a temporary solution, and not a permanent answer to those threats on board. I'm sure it happens. Like Cyclonic Rift, this card has the potential to be one-sided, as it leaves in its wake all sorts of sea monsters and leviathans. This difference is what makes Cyclonic Rift so good, in that it offers a perfect cocktail of value and flexibility. It's iconic to the format and that's not a bad thing. Since the ban list is not going anywhere, might as well add the clearly overtuned and overplayed cards to it. Cyclonic Rift What are people's thoughts on this card? On its own, it doesn't win games. Rift is actually counterintuitive against … Magic the Gathering Resources, Tools, Previews, and Community. Cyclonic Rift is on a razor’s edge right now. ... Cranial Plating is a staple in Affinity decks that may be surviving since the ban of Mox Opal. Cyclonic rift is multiple steps above the other board wipes. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Given the investment Wizards of the Coast has made on that card by including it in pre-con decks, I can't imagine and wouldn't want it to be banned. Single Scoop: Harmonious Tokens (Standard, Magic Arena) TheAsianAvenger practices his harmonies with Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast in standard! Should Cyclonic Rift be Banned in EDH? Upheaval should be cast when you can replay most, if not all, of your board. Cyclonic Rift is also one-sided, and doesn't hit your own things... should have returned all non-land permanents, not just opponents It's a powerful card. This can create a series of slowdowns that can cause more harm than they fix. Commander (EDH) forum Posted on Aug. 17, 2019, 9:32 a.m. by DemonDragonJ The recent banning of Iona, Shield of Emeria and Paradox Engine has me pondering other cards that may be too powerful for EDH format. #commander ban list, #iona shield of emeria, #painters servant, #paradox engine, #the command zone Read More » Pure // Simple — Lose Weight, … Although this potential for asymmetry is narrow, the card still holds up without it: at four mana with two blue pips, it’s blue’s closest approximation to Wrath of God , a board wipe so iconic that it’s the nicknamesake of the card type (“wrath”). By addressing where it stands in our format, it can be better understood as we discuss it amongst ourselves. Cyclonic Rift is simultaneously one of the most powerful questions in the format (I know some of you may debate it’s classification as a question, but if you suddenly strip a knight’s armor, sword and shield in the middle of a duel A player casting one of these spells won’t do it while they’re ahead on board, because it’ll be detrimental to the lead that they’ve built. Absolutely. Removing Rift won't solve the problem that you're feeling, it will just shift your annoyance to the next overpowered staple if you're the kind of player who gets really annoyed at opponents playing Rift. From a color balance perspective, Cyclonic Rift is blue’s rendition of cards like Austere Command and Bane of Progress. Though the card has seen reprints in both Modern Masters 2017 and in one of the 2014 commander decks, we doubt there’d be any complaints if one of the strongest blue cards in Commander showed up in a set based around the format. It can also be inserted on the stack, and used as a form of counterspell to interrupt a combo. Banning a card because it's why you aren't winning enough might be misplaced. The card should kick around in the low twenties for a while before slowly rebounding again, which should happen early next year. If you were going to kill them that turn anyway, then cool. The strongest color in the format is blue - possibly by a long shot. Try to win more, but don't blame cards for your losses because you're probably going to lose plenty in a multiplayer environment. Jan 13 | by TheAsianAvenger. While it might seem like Cyclonic Rift is so prevalent that it has become a running joke, what if most players never saw or played Rift? It does tend to warp games around removing it, but that's all. Is Rift a staple in your playgroup? The consequences of tapping out for a boardwipe get substantially lower when it’s on the end step of the player before you. Cyclonic Rift is also a way of policing the board. It's brutally effective to do that to someone on their end step so they have to discard down to seven cards. Remand provided a big tempo swing and you drew a card. For mass removal, we’re running Blasphemous Act and Cyclonic Rift, but you can make an argument for cards such as Austere Command or Wrath of God. Maybe it would be Iona, Deadeye or something else entirely. However, despite its notoriety and high demand, Cyclonic Rift still demands a steep price tag for such a popular inclusion for many decks. Deadeye is really difficult to deal with and often precedes a combo win. For EDH this would be a better argument if it cost 9 mana, but at 7 it's still somewhat expensive and one can argue that at that cost it should have a big impact. The asymmetry of the spell allows the caster to jump multiple spots in the rankings, at a cost that is more efficient than anything else in the format. Demonic Tutor and Cyclonic Rift can close out games and answer nearly everything. They will generally assume that those experiences are shared everywhere, but that won't always hold up to scrutiny. You can follow along with all the latest preview dates and outlets for Kaldheim right here. Finally, recursion engines are getting better and better in the format, so the first Cyclonic Rift isn’t always the last. ), AND one of the most powerful answers. The Rules Committee could decide that they want to do something about that, but it would take so much more than just banning Rift to make the color pie ever feel truly balanced that I can't imagine they would want to go there. To view View it as a challenge and work through it. While it’s still the best board wipe in the format by a fair margin, I agree that we need a variety of ways to end games. Your problems aren't everyone else's problems. The problem isn't just Rift - it's that the Rift is supported by anywhere from 1-3 (or more) counterspells to make sure the win is secured. In terms of power, blue may be the highest elevation in all the land. I don't think they can ban half a card, but the overload portion of Cyclonic Rift makes for an awful play experience. If it were banned, something else would become the constant headache you have to deal with. Jan 13 | by mtggoldfish. An overloaded Rift has to be countered, or it’s going to produce a near-insurmountable tempo loss for the other players. The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! The fact that I can not target my own cards to utilize any "when enters the battlefield" abilities or to save No card can more utterly hose a monocolored deck or severely cripple a two colored deck like Iona. As of this writing, Rift was in 38,790 decks. Over the past several years in Magic, “In response, Cyclonic Rift” has taken its place among those all-time greats. Other playgroups have problems with Deadeye, with Iona or with any of a dozen other cards. But the misuse of this card will create more “feels bad” moments than not, and could lead it down the path of other “feels bad” bans like Iona, Shield of Emeria and Leovold, Emissary of Trest. The fact that I can not target my own cards to utilize any "when enters the battlefield" abilities or to save any of my own cards from destruction is a huge disadvantage and it is why I … Since one Disk effect usually won't be enough to end the game, the Nevinyrral player will have to wipe the board often to make sure they can beat everyone. The following chart shows its ranking in terms of cards viewed on the website. You can view, It should be noted that the premise of the reddit question was what card you would ban if you had a gun to your head and had to pick one. A Saga conditional Wrath, a Giant Cyclonic Rift, and a new Grafdigger's Cage. Improve your decks. This might be a petty argument but you don't have a God-given right to win at EDH. Some of these phrases are as simple as “Bolt the bird,” and some are not repeatable in a corporate environment. Should Leo be banned? Ban the card! It is easily the most powerful and flexible mass bounce The most iconic card in the format - the one that is included preconstructed commander decks and belongs in virtually every EDH deck was picked by a dozen people. Rift has been part of EDH for many years and not only do they believe we can cope with Rift, they unbanned Protean Hulk. WIth cards from the entire history of magic at our disposal, we don't and shouldn't have a format in which the only legal cards are ones that are "fair". For one and a blue, you can return target nonland permanent you don't control to its owner's hand. Do I think it should be banned? Banning cards that are too powerful isn't unheard of, but this just draws you cards. Here is a general summary of both sides, and you can make up your own mind on how you feel. My experience with Cyclonic Rift led me to believe that fully half of the responses might have been for Rift to be banned, but it wasn't even in the top 3 of suggestions. The game's gotta end sometime, right? The way I decided to try to answer that was by posing a question to the wise and wily inhabitants of the /r/EDH subreddit. In fact, blue’s ability to interact with permanents often comes with the caveat of being only creatures or only nonland permanents, meaning your opponents will struggle to deal with your creatures when only some of their interaction works. This can leave the rest of the table wondering as to why it was ever cast in the first place. Some banned cards are just wrong for EDH. It is clearly a powerful card and clearly plenty of folks have been on the wrong end of a Rift, but they didn't all jump up and volunteer it as their "gun to your head" banlist pick. Things like mass land destruction and Winter Orb are ruled out of many Commander circles, due to the delays they cause, but a poorly-timed Cyclonic Rift can bear an uncanny resemblance. Blue will probably always be strongest and that is part of what defines the landscape of Magic and the landscape of EDH. Ad Nauseum got four votes and my understanding is that it is key to the functioning of a number of top tier decks. They won't all be brilliant, but my hope is that more often than not you'll find them worth the time you spent here. This example wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that the instant-speed nature of Rift allows it to be cast in response to Windfall, causing a massive reset for three out of four players. That's a strong statement, but clearly the RC feels like Rift is a part of the landscape - maybe even an iconic part. Magic The Gathering is property of Wizards of the Coast. Some cards require good judgment from the player, and sometimes that might mean, "I won't play this because doing so will technically save me but I still won't realistically win." This designation has a certain level of responsibility, and “Rift” has its own spotted history in the format. That didn't happen. Look at any board wipe in Commander, and you’ll find restrictions. Ban Cyclonic Rift Cyclonic Rift has proven itself to outclass every other sweeper in the format, and has few natural predators to keep in check. Board wipes are usually symmetrical, as a way of balancing out the strength of the card, and to keep the casting cost at a playable level. Magic The Gathering is property of Wizards of the Coast. You can view Cyclonic Rift on yourself. Arcane Denial, Counterspell, Delay, Dovin's Veto, Narset's Reversal, Negate, and Swan Song: This is the counterspell package. The Commander’s Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! They’ll have to move to cleanup, and end up losing a lot of their progress in the game altogether. Sure, players will make their stuff indestructible and use their "destroy all ____" card in a way that doesn't hurt them one bit. Stoneforge Mystic is off the ban list, though, and it’s a whole new world for the format-defining artificer. The caster can move closer to victory, while the other players spend the next turn or two rebuilding what they lost. My gut feeling is that if there was one card to remove from any single color to try to balance out the color pie and bring the strongest color closer to the power levels of the other four, that color would be blue and that card would be Cyclonic Rift. Apparently it was named Sol Ring. A well-timed Rift can launch the caster into a game-winning turn, a feat in which every other boardwipe aspires to. Also, by recurring the spell turn after turn, the original caster can keep their opponents at bay until they find an answer, if the game doesn’t end before that. When you’re setting up for Wrath of God or Toxic Deluge, it requires dedicating your spot in the turn order for it. However, if used correctly, that temporary solution can be good enough to win, based on the three aforementioned qualities. As always, thanks for reading and special thanks to those who have become regular readers of this blog. Additionally, Cyclonic Rift isn’t always found in just one deck at the table. By itself it isn't exactly an auto-win. I'd be curious to hear any other cards you guys have seen outlawed in house rules, and what you thought about the informal ban. Iona received six votes and it's understandable why. Can I sequence Twilight Drover triggers to get around an overloaded Cyclonic Rift? Removal is hugely important for any good EDH deck. While I do agree that Cyclonic rift is pretty much an auto include in any EDH deck running blue, I'm not sure if it is ban worthy. Are good pickups in a bad guitar worth it? Rarity, #: R, 35 Card Type: Instant Description: Return target nonland permanent you don't control to its owner's hand. Blue decks that win with Lab Man are indeed tiresome and hard to stop, as blue has the ability to counter any attempts to stop the win and most of these decks have drawn their entire library into their hand when they close out the game, so they have no shortage of answers. Just because you might think a card is ban-worthy doesn't mean anyone else is having problems with it. Vash April 16th, 2016 . BanCommandercyclonic riftedhMetagamemtgsweeperswraths. Cyclonic Rift is a way for blue decks to keep up with those that are better at resetting the board. Yes Cyclonic Rift should be banned. I can see the argument - removing it opens up a slot in every deck out there and that will lead to more variety and more interesting decks and games. Rarely is there a player that has no opinion on this format-defining spell. Those choices affect how the game plays out afterwards, and can punish an incorrect decision. Maybe the next time someone threatens to combo off with Protean Hulk someone will come to the rescue and save the table with a Cyclonic Rift. Here’s why. The final argument basically comes down to the idea that not only doesn't blue need such a powerful card to be the strongest color in the game, it's irresponsible to allow the color of counter magic to be able to use Rift.