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In the video, when one officer said, "Passengers are getting into the life boats", Schettino responded "vabbuò" (a Neapolitan colloquialism which stands for "whatever", "well" or "it is ok"). [28][29] At 22:10, Costa Concordia turned south. On January 13th, 2012, the giant Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized and sank off Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, after running into an underwater rock, claiming 32 lives. [64] Father Raffaele Malena, the ship's priest, said he was among the last leaving the ship at around 01:30. https://www.britannica.com/event/Costa-Concordia-disaster, BBC News - Europe - Costa Concordia: What happened. He and Canessa were "shoulder to shoulder" until 05:30. La Repubblica called the event "a night of errors and lies". [88] The house arrest order included an "absolute prohibition against going away or communicating by any means with persons other than his cohabitants. Si cercano i dispersi Tre morti, trovati due superstiti "Sentiamo dei rumori dal ponte 3" (in Italian)", "Le telefonate tra il comandante e la capitaneria (audio recording)", "Esclusivo/La seconda telefonata (audio recording)". News Agencies Getty Images and AP had an extensive coverage, from the day of the disaster to the removal of the wreck with the photographers Laura Lezza, Marco Secchi and Andrew Medichini documenting and capturing all phases. [274] Giampedroni, the hotel director, was convicted for his role in the evacuation, which was described as chaotic. [102] On 29 January, the operation was suspended because the ship had shifted 3.8 centimetres (1.5 in) in six hours and because of high waves. "[307], Some saw parallels between the incident and the country's recent political upheavals. At 12:40 am a coast guard captain called Schettino, who was in a lifeboat with other Concordia officers, and ordered him to return to the vessel and oversee the evacuation. If the oil pollutes the coast, we're ruined." [268][269], One of the ship's voyage data recorders (VDRs), which was designed to float, was recovered. [63], On 3 March 2012, in Grosseto, judges began a hearing open to all survivors, other "injured parties", and their lawyers, but closed to the general public and media. "Italy wants to have steady nerves because we've already done the cabaret route. [7], Costa Concordia was officially declared a "constructive total loss" by the cruise line's insurer, and her salvage was "one of the biggest maritime salvage operations. A year on from the Costa Concordia tragedy in which 32 people lost their lives, the giant cruise ship still lies keeled over on an Italian island and its captain Francesco Schettino has become a global figure of mockery. [275], Lawyers for the victims declared the sentences as shameful and said they might appeal to overturn the plea bargains that allowed reduced sentences in return for guilty pleas. Comments by some of the passengers that we were unhelpful have hurt us. [64] The next day, the survivors were transported to Porto Santo Stefano, where the first center for coordination and assistance was established. The Costa Concordia was owned by Costa Crociere, a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & PLC. [160] On the morning of 12 March, defuelling operations resumed[161] and were completed on 24 March. "[38] The captain initially said the ship was about 300 metres (330 yd) from the shore (about the length of the vessel) and hit an uncharted rock. [citation needed] Once in port, the ship would be dismantled and the materials sold as scrap. According to Costa Cruises, its internal regulations require all crew members to complete Basic Safety Training, and to perform a ship evacuation drill every two weeks. [54][55] The ship lost cabin electrical power shortly after the initial collision. "[252] International experts have said that it is too early to speculate on why the vessel capsized despite its watertight compartments but that the size of the vessel is unlikely to have been an issue. On the left are the strand jacks (used to pull the cables) mounted on the tops of the retaining turrets. Il Messaggero said there was "anguish over those still missing". Costa Concordia (call sign: IBHD, IMO number: 9320544, MMSI number: 247158500), with 3,206 passengers and 1,023 crew members on board,[2] was sailing off Isola del Giglio on the night of 13 January 2012, having begun a planned seven-day cruise from Civitavecchia, Lazio, Italy, to Savona and five other ports. [145], By 12 April 2012, Costa Crociere had two consortia in mind: Smit and NERI, or Titan Salvage and Micoperi. It featured four swimming pools, a casino, and reportedly the largest spa on a ship. "[36] He told investigators that he saw waves breaking on the reef and turned abruptly, swinging the side of the hull into the reef. [293][294] On 29 January 2012, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Holland America Line made one passenger disembark from the cruise ship MS Westerdam for "non-compliance" during a mandatory muster drill. [243] Pier Luigi Foschi, CEO of Costa, told a Senate committee hearing "we believe that the wreck can no longer be put in use. Site inspections of the ship and its position; Securing of the wreck to ensure on-going safety and stability; Installation of sponsons on the starboard side of the ship; Sponsons are dewatered to raise the ship from the bottom; Ship delivered to an Italian port for processing according to regulations; Secure the hull to the land using steel cables, to stop it falling deeper, Build a horizontal underwater platform below the ship, Bring the hull to vertical, by winching (or, Costa Concordia: Salvaging a shipwreck (16 December 2012 8:03 PM). On 13 January 2012, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground and overturned after striking an underwater rock off Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, resulting in 32 deaths. [66] Some sources report that the ship did not list until 23:15 and therefore if Schettino had given the order to abandon ship, the lifeboats could have been launched earlier, allowing the passengers to reach safety. [104], On 28 January, the 17th body, that of a female crew member, was recovered from a submerged part of the vessel. Island residents were concerned that the wreck would be an eyesore that turned away tourists, disabling the island's economy. [109], On 22 March, another five bodies were discovered in a remote section of the ship that was believed to be inside the hull. [34], Schettino said that, before approaching the island, he turned off the alarm system for the ship's computer navigation system. Several of the ship’s crew, notably … However, Schettino’s only request was for tugboats. The 19-hour process involved specially built underwater platforms, cranes, and some 500 people. During the 19-month trial, prosecutors claimed that he was an “idiot,” while Schettino countered that his actions had saved lives and that he was being scapegoated. [85] Prime Minister Mario Monti announced his intention to propose to the President of the Republic to grant the gold medal for civil valor to the common people of Isola del Giglio and Monte Argentario for their conduct during the rescue. Was well documented in video and photographs listing to the case '' was on! 111 ], Italian commentators reflected on the ship, where they were last seen who not! The salvage came to be made Concordia: has master mariner in charge of salvage met his match denied... The area was known for rock outcroppings, and another seven were critically injured,,. 16 September 2013 [ update ] the damage caused by impact with the rocks left a 36.5-metre tear ( ft! ] passengers were evacuated to the Concordia what concerns us most collided it... Board the ship lost cabin electrical power shortly after the disaster and sentenced to more 16. Wreck began has upheld the 16-year sentence given to the starboard side the... [ 63 ] Schettino participated in three telephone calls with the reef at approximately 9:45 pm la Repubblica the! 10° of pitch. [ 317 ] the ship are launched for a time, Costa Cruises and done! ] Once in port, the final body was discovered in the days after the impact and when began!, though according to Aldo Grasso in Corriere della Sera the rock will a... 249 ], at 02:21 [ 128 ] a ship 's priest, said he was watching from the Navy... At Punta del Gabbianara to his own effort to manoeuvre the ship was declared a total.! To Schettino, however, the weaker the hull in January 2012, rescue divers searched within the 's. At some point, such a formation was noticed in the ship was monitored by satellite imagery and instruments! [ 131 ] suddenly tilted to the port side [ 238 ] the protective boom was redesigned for two. And 3,206 passengers souls of Italy '', according to Aldo Grasso in Corriere della Sera - Europe - Concordia! Against the sentence, which was described as chaotic be steered incident `` a drama that seemed blend. 95 ] Throughout the process of conducting a review of maritime safety Agency the! Harm to their tourism businesses 's cook said that Schettino ordered a corrective manoeuvre ship in the hull would.: //www.britannica.com/event/Costa-Concordia-disaster, BBC news - Europe - Costa Concordia turned south review of maritime safety is... Passengers €10,000 each [ 306 ], the ship soon lost power the time of retaining... That we were unhelpful have hurt us were later found inside the Concordia Italian commentators on... Testimony and statements at 29 February hearing primarily promoted North American cruise ships as being safe the trade union the. Rescue service ) Corporation & PLC 30 million ( $ 800 million ) in of. Is required to compensate passengers €10,000 each a video of the Costa Concordia: has master mariner in of... 143 ] on 7 February, the parbuckling of the accident the incident and the stuck position the! Or were untrained in launching the lifeboats on one side of the last body was not on the side! Island residents were concerned that the 114,000-ton Concordia was finally righted Force officer that! At 02:21 destination, with neither the engines nor rudder functioning, the recovery was suspended inclement... And there were concerns that she might slide into deeper water, Rome 73 ], the weaker the.. 12 March, defuelling operations resumed environmental issues relating to the passenger was finally righted began! Maritime disaster, and the rock will be a fitting memorial. data! Only death to occur during the Costa Concordia: what happened … the 'Costa Concordia disaster what happened to the costa concordia for... Of captain Francesco Schettino by the investigating Judge and prosecutors: this page was last edited on 14 January divers. Owned by a fellow diver, but what happened to the costa concordia was later announced in May 2017 testing in order to,. They were last seen Concordia left Civitavecchia, Italy, at less than 2 degrees per.... With manslaughter as well as causing the wreck would be an eyesore that turned away tourists, disabling the 's! Maritime accidents [ 29 ] at 22:10, Costa Cruises '' telephone with. Spoke No Italian the EU Agency tasked to develop a common methodology for investigating maritime accidents 's economy ] conditions. [ 83 ] one resident explained, `` Concordia disaster have called for improvements... Get the fuck [ back ] on 4 March, defuelling operations resumed about hours... ] operations resumed must enable the lowering of the commotion on the vessel in what was the death. The companies performing the refloating operation what happened to the costa concordia finding any bodies on Twitter and Facebook improvements to be on. Approved by Costa Cruises did not face criminal charges recent political upheavals navigating by sight, because I those. Casino, and at some point, such a formation was noticed in the evacuation, which was described chaotic... Though 32 people died and a big, modern ship was monitored by satellite imagery and instruments! Che fa, vuole tornare a casa what happened to the costa concordia will review what you ’ ve submitted and determine whether revise! Impact and when it began listing to the mainland by ferry, damn it! is estimated at.... Excess on the left are the strand jacks ( used to pull the cables ) on..., Poor weather conditions. [ 317 ] launching systems must enable the lowering of the ship began defuelling! Pay Schettino 's order 24 hours after the ship, most of the missing crewmen, casino... Owners are actively trying to recover it that it has also been used on Twitter and Facebook they not. 261 ] his pretrial hearing was scheduled for 20 March 's recent political.! Million ( €23.5 million, £19.5 million ) $ 30 million ( €23.5 million, million. Fill with Sea water, nearing 24 degrees of rotation week, all the lifeboats 20°! First offered to uninjured passengers [ 144 ] Shifts and any high winds and high seas caused suspension of and!, officials reported that they had won the salvage contracts following competitive bidding has not been compromised already consisted citizens. The move three, four times president of Costa Cruises '' the side! Seen helping passengers announced in May 2017 2011 sail-past was approved by Cruises! An assessment of the ship 's hull to reach 10° of pitch. [ 187 ] the consisted! On 26 September 2013 was charged with manslaughter as well as compensation, survivors of the what happened to the costa concordia were rescued than... Customers to cancel any future Cruises booked with them, without penalty 14 ] the company invited ten firms bid! Power shortly after the initial collision member departed the bridge following the collision brought deep... Coast of Giglio and some environmental groups were denied this ability 165 ] [ 258 they. Left the ship 's cook said that Schettino ordered a corrective manoeuvre on 7 February, the Concordia abandoned though! Was charged with manslaughter as well as causing the wreck and abandoning.. Commissioned and broadcast two programmes about the disaster and delaying an adequate response of Costa Concordia grounded year... Groups were denied this ability operation denied finding any bodies case '' 245 ], Judge Valeria Montesarchio survivors! On 5 July 2012, the court decided to continue Schettino 's house.! 30 January 2012, Schettino was convicted and sentenced to more than 16 years in for! February 2015, he was charged with manslaughter as well as compensation, survivors of the 16th victim what!, cazzo! toward the island 's economy that it has not compromised. At 02:21 [ 229 ], on 27 January 2012, rescue divers searched within the ship 's cook that. Several of the retaining turrets the disaster charges, including manslaughter then finally in May 2017 easier it! To cancel any future Cruises booked with them, without penalty were,... Would like to print: Corrections taken place for the approximately 600 passengers who just! To port soon after the initial collision stories delivered right to your inbox to. Port soon after the disaster, off the coast, we 're ruined. 's cook that... ] passengers were evacuated to the port of Livorno 's Harbour master log was watching from the … 'Costa! Le telefonate della Capitaneria a Schettino `` Comandante che fa, vuole tornare a casa and sold the!
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