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In part, Dupuis credits her mode of songwriting to the late David Berman, whom she noted was a master of walking the line between bouncy and bleak. I think he's brilliant, but I don't necessarily dig back into old favorites and that's what that would be. Bruce Elliott-Smith is a British songwriter and producer. The latter of the three was actually once under the care of Dupuis when the artist worked as a summer camp counselor. See below for a list of Bruce Elliott-Smith’s GRAMMY Awards history. But her voice—it was already there. Tell me about the origin story for Dance Hall At Louse Point. It's good no matter what. It just says, "I'm in a punk club getting ready to go on stage.”. When Portia [Sabin, Kill Rock Stars president] approached me about doing this project, she said, "I want to make a thing that the people who love him want to have." He was just up there, like, "What do you want?" Jordana Nye: My team taught me to just try to keep working and keep busy until we get a sense of what the hell is going to happen—and just release music because it's really all you can do. I was the most apprehensive because no one's ever cared about my music or anything I've ever done. In trying to summarizing all the countless elements that came together to create Haunted Painting, Dupuis once more turns to von Stuck, the painter who started on her on this project. What do you think is the significance of her changing her billing? I go with certain panning schemes and certain affects usage that made sense to the way Elliott worked. People will email us or reach out through Bandcamp and things like that. Grammy Awards. We'd listened to CDs all day, lots of Beatles, Zombies, and the Kinks. Or maybe the different brands of four-track cassette recorders have slightly different gaps between the tracks on the heads, so they follow it differently. Christian Lee Hutson: My wife and I are both living on unemployment and savings right now and just kind of hold on as long as we can, just hoping that touring can come back before we're in a crippling amount of debt. I was a bit surprised. I don't try and explain it, I just show gratitude by continuing to care for it like my mama taught me. And so releasing an album nationally with a label, I think my expectations were actually pretty low. It has a black line around it, and it's on a white page. I put the leftovers into an omelet. Since then, Parish has co-produced most of the singer’s solo albums, and in 2009, the pair reunited for a second collaborative record. It's as bad as listening to Foreigner or something. "I feel like I've just been kind of numb throughout the whole thing—like my tattoo," she says. She already had a cassette of the music for the Dance Hall record, which she carried around with her on the tour and then wrote lyrics in different cities. Bartees Cox Jr.: I was talking to a friend about this. My take would be that it’s not quite as thought-through as that. It was on tape, which can really compress those kinds of things. He was like, "Are these something?" Some people are going to say they don't like it as much, and to them I say: hang onto your original copy. We'd be at some party and they'd be like, "Oh, Neil Gust from Heatmiser is here." I said, "OK, that would be great.". There's a whole breadth of emotion, personality behind this music. level basically. And that's probably the thing that the designer, Rob Jones, and I spent the most time doing. So I was very disappointed that that didn't make it onto the album. Do you think it’s overdue for more attention? And this was when the shit was really going down in New York. Ian Devaney: We've actually, in the middle of the pandemic, gotten booking agents. Also hella tasty. Bruce Elliott-Smith Read more about this and other GRAMMYs news at GRAMMY.com I'm just cautiously cautiously optimistic about what will happen next. "My first instinct is piano, but I'm not good at it and I haven't reliably played it since I was a little kid. I was also really nervous. And if any release or remaster is coming out, I supervise it and work on it. It's my life. I knew there were all of these expensive synths at Tiny Telephone that I wanted to get on the record, so in the time leading up to being there, it was me just sitting at home with a little tiny practice keyboard, trying to be able to play those parts correctly.". Jordana Nye: I've got some music video stuff in the works. I think there was a lot of pressure after the first album, Dry—the record company didn’t like Rid Of Me. You've got the wet streets. I didn't know him, but I would see him around. It's bullshit music. It was given to me by the sweetest woman from Craigslist (!!!). Bartees Cox Jr.: I just feel sometimes [as a new artist] you're the only one that knows that you have something special, and you just gotta build around it. Bartees Cox Jr.: I'm gonna really take my time. In a good way. I think she was quite protective of me. But at the same time, everybody was falling all over themselves about Everclear and the Dandy Warhols. It's hard to sometimes. As much as that kid who picks up Rolling Stone magazine and wants to be a guitar player or a drummer, I read Aperture magazine and wanted to be a successful photographer. And was quite capable of being able to offer good advice. Or, if I have less time, I'll turn the heat up in my living room and freestyle yoga with dance and ab work integrated. I think "Nina In Ecstasy" should have been on the record. We can all confer and make sure that things feel okay. She very much said, "I want it to be called John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey, not the other way around." Joanne is survived by her loving husband Joseph Wuchevich; her son Frank E. Shepard, III of South Park and daughter Cheryl (Tom) Shanahan of Bethel Park; treasured “Grammy” to Kate (Elliott) Smith, Frank E. Shepard IV, Meghan … There’s one where she describes that record as being a huge turning point for her. Daughter of the late Rose (Cuda) Vierheller and John Vierheller. We'd hear Elliott in there banging around and we knew he was making a new record. people can just be like, "Yeah, I'll write another record.". He would sound nervous to some people, but honestly, I don't really think he was. At one point, she got it wrong again and she was so annoyed that she just went straight into the loud bit anyway. Obviously, most of her albums are credited to PJ Harvey. Usually when I put out music nobody cares, you know? Again, I have no choice. KEXP knows about my band." That picture is a story. [5 p.m.] I kiss my dog for the seventieth time today. It was a little coffee shop. I also spend this time prepping monthly mail-out incentives. But Paul heard it and he was like, "This is a really good record." The same thing happened with my new U.S. booking agent. She hit the chorus; she had two or three go’s and she kept getting it wrong. Small labels like this just weren't prepared for mastering CDs in a flattering way. Prior to posting, I take measurement photos and create descriptions for each garment. So we've been working on two songs, as well as songs for the second record. Bartees Cox Jr.: I almost feel like more people are listening to music now than they were before, like really listening through albums, and really interacting with them. That photo and then also the cover of Roman Candle are very popular. I was excited to spend a month with them. It was really fun building the studio with him. He loves the guitar and he's really in this moment of preparing. [5 p.m.] I plunked around on the beauty for a minute and now it's loaf time. I think they didn’t really know what it was.
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